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Common problems and solutions of plastic bag making machines

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1、 Q: Is the bag wrinkled when passing through the middle rubber roller?

Answer: 1. The cooling effect of the back seal is not good;

2. Uneven pressure on the middle rubber roller;

3. Excessive air pressure;

4. Excessive dust on the middle rubber roller;

5. The back sealing temperature is too high;

6. The air pressure of the feeding floating roller is too high;

7. The installation of the membrane plate is inclined;

2、 Question: Is the film moving in one direction at the front cutter rubber roller?

Answer: 1. The pressure of the rubber roller is uneven, and the advancing film moves in the direction of high pressure;

2. The photoelectric rack should be tilted and kept level with the front rubber roller; (The photoelectric frame moves outward by lifting the film forward, while the photoelectric frame moves inward by lifting the film backward)

3. The punching knife is not properly installed and is prone to warping;

4. Uneven thickness on both sides of the film;

5. The pressure of the horizontal sealing knife is uneven, and it moves from side to side;

6. The membrane plate is inclined upwards;

7. The middle rubber roller is not parallel;

3、 Q: Is there no film on the small membrane plate?

Answer: 1. The installation of the white roller should not exceed the template, and it should be 8mm narrow;

2. The pressure on the hammer is low;

3. The small hammer of the upper membrane tilts outward and inward;

4. The membrane plate is inclined upwards;

5. The pressure at the rubber roller should not be too high;

6. Excessive discharge tension makes it difficult to film;

7. The tension of the membrane roll is not good;

4、 Q: How long is the bag produced?

Answer: 1. There is a lot of dust on the photoelectric head;

2. Insufficient photoelectric sensitivity;

3. The tracking electricity is not obvious;

4. Excessive sealing pressure;

5. There is dirt on the rubber stick;

6. Excessive air pressure on the feeding floating roller;

7. Excessive discharge tension;

8. The longitudinal sealing knife irons the fabric too tightly;

9. The temperature of the horizontal sealing knife is too high, and the bag is wrinkled;

10. Low air pressure at the front and middle rubber rollers;

11. The feeding and pressing are not synchronized;

12. The distance between the photoelectric device and the cutting tool is too long;

13. The difference between waiting time and heat sealing time is too large;

14. Speed too high;

5、 Question: Is the front cutting blade tilted?

Answer: 1. Membrane deviation;

2. The guide comb is missing or not straight;

3. Knife tilting;

4. The knife hits the vertex;

5. Bags with hand holes should have the tail out first;

6. The diagonal of the bag is not the same length;

6、 Q: Stuffing at the cutting edge?

Answer: 1. The guide comb is far from the cutting knife;

2. The adjustment of the cutting blade is too low;

3. The bag is wrinkled or warped unevenly;

4. Fast material feeding;

5. The guide comb is not straight or missing;

6. The installation of the lower cutting blade is located on the top;

7. Bags with hand holes should not be carried out with the hole head first, but with the tail first;

7、 Q: Is there air bubble on the back seal?

Answer: 1. The bottom plate is dirty;

2. Uneven sealing pressure or uneven pressure at four corners;

3. The bottom plate deviates from the center;

4. The bottom plate silicone rubber should not be too wide;

5. The sealing knife is not installed properly;

6. Low sealing pressure and high temperature;

7. The rubber is uneven or aged;

8. If there are bubbles during the operation, a hot cloth or sealing knife can be placed on the bottom plate with less inclination or overlap;

8、 Q: Is the heat seal on the back wrinkled?

Answer: 1. The tension is not good, and the membrane is loose and tight on one side;

2. The pressure between the cooling knife and the heat sealing knife is unbalanced;

3. The pressure of the hot sealing knife is unbalanced;

4. There are wrinkles on the hot cloth;

5. The rubber roller pulls the template diagonally;

9: Q: Is there a fake seal?

Answer: 1. When passing through the joint, the joint screen is not aligned, and one side is loose while the other is tight;

When passing through the joint, the double layer film at the joint is thicker, and the small shovel is driven and moved by the film;

3. Flanging or curling at the small shovel of the rear small template;

4. Rear photovoltaics;

5. Poor tension, both loose and tight;

6. The edge pressing shovel should not be too far away from the sealing knife;

7. Composite not reaching the edge, single layer edge curling;

10、 Q: Is the back sealing transparent edge leaking?

Answer: 1. Slitting bias;

2. The outer edge is too large;

3. The film cannot be applied due to high post tension;

4. The width of the rear template or the absence of film on the template result in the absence of film on the front template;

5. The back sealing knife is pressed outward;

11、 Q: Do bags often have inner and outer edges?

Answer: 1. The rear photoelectric tracking is not sensitive;

2. Poor tension of raw materials;

3. Uneven material placement;

4. Uneven amount of upper membrane;

5. The rear white roller is not properly installed or tightened, causing it to swing left and right;

6. Film threading roller; (Black axis, dead axis)

7. Excessive tension during rear discharge;

8. The surface of the film is smooth;

12、 Q: Can fixed length optoelectronics keep up?

Answer: 1. When passing through the connector, the screen is not aligned or the printed surface of the connector is too long;

2. Bag stretching;

3. Polarity error;

4. The photoelectric head is not sensitive or there is too much dust on the photoelectric head;

5. The set bag length does not match the actual bag length;

6. The tracking point is not obvious or cannot be found;

7. The bag is too wrinkled;

13、 Question: Two fold marks at the inner fold?

Answer: 1. The installation of the three-dimensional board is not aligned with the long template;

2. The upper and lower pieces of the three-dimensional board are not aligned;

3. The small template is too narrow compared to the large membrane plate;

4. The large membrane board and small template are not aligned;

14、 Q: Is the bag that requires airtightness leaking?

Answer: 1. Low temperature and low pressure;

2. The hot cloth on the middle pad deviates;

3. Uneven film thickness;

4. The sealing knives do not overlap;

5. The speed is too high;

6. The silicone rubber is broken;

7. The hardness of silicone rubber should reach 75%;

15、 Q: Is the correction time too long?

Answer: 1. The membrane roll is not installed in the middle position of the roll or is not inflated