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Four main operating steps for plastic bag making machines

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The four major steps and precautions during the use of plastic bag making machines:

1、 Preparation before startup

1. Check for dust and debris around the equipment and remove them.

2. Install the film roll according to the requirements of the production notice.

3. Adjust the size of the bag according to the production notice and process documents, install the heat sealing knife, and preliminarily adjust the position of the cutting knife and heat sealing knife.

4. Turn on the power and set the temperature of the heat sealing knife according to the requirements of the process document.

5. Enter relevant data for bag making and the required number of bags per bundle.

6. Select the edge of the pattern with a large color difference and adjust the sensitivity of the light eye to meet the requirements.

2、 Power on

1. Start the main motor, run at low speed, and then adjust the edge control to split the membrane in the middle position.

2. Adjust the left and right clamping rollers to align the left and right membranes, and adjust the front and rear clamping rollers to align the pattern.

3. Adjust the heat sealing knife to ensure it is within the required range of the bag.

4. Adjust the cutting blade to the desired position and adjust the punching position to the scissor edge.

5. Adjust the machine speed preliminarily, take a flat sample bag for initial inspection, and if it does not meet the specified requirements, take another flat sample bag for heat sealing value testing.

6. Organize the produced bags and select bags with quality defects (such as folds, tunnels, flower patterns, cutting lines, poor heat sealing, four seals, etc.) and tie them up according to regulations.

7. The machine is inspected by a quality inspector, and after passing the inspection, a certificate of conformity is affixed and sent to the quality inspection room for random inspection.

8. During the production process, observe the bag making situation at any time and make immediate adjustments if any abnormalities are found.

3、 Shutdown

1. Disconnect the main power switch and then disconnect the power switches of each part.

2. Clean the machine and site, and deliver the products to the general inspection room.

3. Keep on duty records accurately and neatly.

4、 Packing

1. Packing: The machine personnel will organize the products in this process and select those with quality defects (such as folding

2. For unqualified products such as tunnels, flower patterns, cutting lines, weak heat sealing, four seals, incomplete patterns, etc., tie up the qualified products and submit them to the machine quality inspector for inspection.

3. Inspection: The machine quality inspector shall inspect the quantity and quality one by one, and after the quantity and quality are all qualified, they shall be packed into the box as required and placed on the packing list; The selected non-conforming products are placed in cardboard boxes labeled as "non-conforming".

4. The machine personnel will send the products on duty to the appearance inspection room.

5. The general quality inspector shall conduct spot checks on the products submitted for inspection according to the specified proportion, and after passing the inspection, they shall be packaged and stored.